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On our 5-star service

  • When it comes to bespoke PCs, Penguin PCs stands out due to their outstanding customer service and commitment to excellence. They are the ones I would most definitely suggest to anyone in need of a custom keyboard or computer.



  • Process was very quick, I got the pc in under 2 weeks. Super helpful guidance along the way since I don’t know a lot about PCs. Turn out super cute and runs very well. 5/5 stars for sure



  • Penguin PCs' dedication to quality, combined with their exceptional customer service, makes them a standout choice in the custom PC market. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom-built computer or keyboard.



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  • AboveAvgFPS‎ 98.2K Followers

    "This thing is HEAVY. It's full aluminum base, gasket mount, and foam in the body give it this nice buttery sound... Super happy with this custom keyboard!"
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  • SpeedyTech77‎ 99.8K Followers

    "By far, the nicest keyboard I own... my desk was definitely in need of an upgrade!"
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  • OmersTech 333.1K Followers

    "This is the BEST keyboard I've ever gotten... MASHALLAH this looks nice!"
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  • Wixelz 33K Followers

    "Oh my that is beautiful!... This is the BEST keyboard I've ever used and I love it so much."
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Here at Penguin PCs, we aim to give all our customers the ideal and easy experience. We've prioritized making sure each one of our patrons get the best personal experience they can, and our 24/7 support are what make us the best PC and keyboard customizer out there.

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