Holy Panda Switches

  • Tactile Switch
  • 55g Actuation Force
  • Factory Lubed

Holy Panda keyboard switches are renowned for their exceptional tactile feedback and smooth keystrokes. Whether you're typing or gaming, Holy Panda switches deliver a delightful combination of precision and comfort for a superior keyboarding experience.

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Foam and Tape Mods

All of our Penguin Keyboards are enhanced with foam in the case and under the plate, along with the tape mod underneath the PCB. Both designed to reduce hollowness and elevate your typing experience with a more premium sound. The Case Foam Mod minimizes hollow echoes by adding foam underneath the PCB, while the Tape Mod absorbs and reflects sound to create a louder, more "poppy" sound signature.

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Stabilizer Mods

The key to any high-quality keyboard is tuned stabilizers. The Penguin Keyboard features stabilizers lubed with Krytox 205g0, Di-electric grease, and incorporates band-aid mods for a smoother and softer typing experience.