About Us

Welcome to the Penguin PCs website! If this is your first time joining us, thank you; we would love to share our passion for creating the best PC customization experience out there, and there are many select ways on how we plan to do so. Let's hop right in;

How it Started

This company was founded in February, 2023. Our team however, have all been part of the PC community far before that. Building, learning, and aiding others when it came to PCs had been natural routine for us. However, we decided that what was once a hobby for us could become a dream; here we are now. The truth is that before, we never placed much trust into other custom PC building websites, which is why we each built our own machine and continued to travel along the PC experience. Now, this dream enables us to help others on their path, and drive the PC community into more transparent space.

Our Goal

Doing some simple searching, it's easy to see the issue with most custom PC websites today. Ranging from outrageous pricing to a restriction on customization freedoms within each respective site, most PC companies simply don't check all the boxes. Luckily, our goal is to do exactly that; we want to create the best PC company and become the best in every way possible; Whether it's finding the cheapest pricing, guaranteeing clear contact with both SMS, e-mail, and discord, or ensuring a safe and secure shipping procedure, we have your back. If there's any kind of issue, we encourage feedback, as our best depends on our patrons contentment.

Meet The Team

Here's a small message from each of our core members:

  • Santino

    Hey there! I've been building PCs for upwards of 4 years, and am the main website designer and PC builder for Penguin PCS. Alongside my partners, we began this company in order to better the world of custom PCs, and offer total customization without hindering quality.




  • Michael

    Greetings, I'm Michael, and I do graphic design, marketing, and keyboard building here at Penguin PCS. I built my first PC when I was just in 7th grade and I've been building since. I'm passionate about Penguin PCs because I believe in customizability and transparency when buying a custom PC or keyboard.


  • Jake

    I've been playing video games for my entire life, and that led me to join Penguin PCS. I've built high end PCs as well as custom keyboards for some time, and know how complicated the first build can be. We started with the aim of delivering custom hardware that you can enjoy right out of the box - no assembly required.