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Submit-A-PC is a way to get personalized help when building; with part prices that are adjusted day to day based on the market value. Never over-pay for a PC again.

Build + Handling Fee may change based on build. Normal cost for builds are $100.

How to Submit-A-PC

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Use to design your own PC.

Step 2: Create a quote

After completing your PC design using PC part picker, select the unique link that is created in the beige box, and submit it in the COMMENT section along with your information. Alongside that, add any extra information or add-ons you would like. We will get in contact soon after that.

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After designing your custom PC at PC Part Picker, click the "permalink" button to copy your unique PC Part Picker link, and then place it in the comment box below!

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What happens after ordering?

Transparency is key; that's why all the steps we take are outlined to make the experience of getting your custom PC is the best it can be.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful build!

Penguin PCs provided excellent customer service, which was prompt and attentive, and their quality product was the reason for my recent delightful experience. Their team provided me with excellent assistance right from the start, making sure I made the right decisions by helping me through the customization process and making it easy. They truly strived for perfection, as evidenced by the build quality and PC performance that dramatically above my expectations. It was also impressive how quickly they shipped; three days after they completed testing, the PC arrived, safely packaged. When it comes to bespoke PCs, Penguin PCs stands out due to their outstanding customer service and commitment to excellence. They are the ones I would most definitely suggest to anyone in need of a custom keyboard or computer.

Elijah V.
Custom PC & Keyboard

I recently had an exceptional experience with Penguin PCs, from their fast, responsive customer service to their superior end product. From the outset, their team was incredibly helpful, guiding me through the customization process with ease and ensuring I made the best choices for my needs. The quality of the build and the performance of the PC far exceeded my expectations, showcasing their commitment to excellence. Moreover, their shipping speed was remarkable, with the PC arriving securely packaged just 3 days after they finished testing. Penguin PCs' dedication to quality, combined with their exceptional customer service, makes them a standout choice in the custom PC market. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom-built computer or keyboard.

Alex LaSusa
PC Build

Process was very quick, I got the pc in under 2 weeks. Super helpful guidance along the way since I don’t know a lot about PCs. Turn out super cute and runs very well. 5/5 stars for sure

Gaming pc

I’ve got to be honest, there great. From up in till the point I bought it and received it they have been informative as if we were friends. We had problems like parts getting delayed and switching manufactures but overall, I think this was worth it. Love these guys and the build. Can’t wait to see more and work with them 👀


If you are looking for an affordable price for pc part, fast shipping and great customer service then penguin pc are the right guys. I gave the specs for my pc and they got the part right away and started building. In less than 2 weeks the pc was ready to be shipped and I got it after a week(I stay in Canada btw so that is really fast). However the graphic card ran into an issue which came from Msi fault so I had to ship the pc back and once the issue was resolved I got the pc right away. Lastly penguin pc gave me an update almost everyday from building the pc to shipping it and also when they received the pc when it ran into an issue. Highly recommend them.