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  • If you are looking for an affordable price for pc part, fast shipping and great customer service then penguin pc are the right guys. I gave the specs for my pc and they got the part right away and started building. In less than 2 weeks the pc was ready to be shipped and I got it after a week(I stay in Canada btw so that is really fast). However the graphic card ran into an issue which came from Msi fault so I had to ship the pc back and once the issue was resolved I got the pc right away. Lastly penguin pc gave me an update almost everyday from building the pc to shipping it and also when they received the pc when it ran into an issue. Highly recommend them.

    - Anino A.

    Verified Customer

  • "Penguin PC's was able to make me a great PC that fit my tight budget. They were very helpful in designing my desktop alongside me, and finding great prices. In the end, I now have a very nice PC while not having spent an absurd amount of money."

    - Gavin D.

    Verified Customer

  • "This thing is HEAVY. It's full aluminum base, gasket mount, and foam in the body give it this nice buttery sound... Super happy with this custom keyboard!"

    - AboveAverageFPS

    Content Creator

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  • SpeedyTech77 - Penguin PCS LLC

    "By far, the nicest keyboard I own... my desk was definitely in need of an upgrade!"

    - SpeedyTech77

    Content Creator

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  • "This is the BEST keyboard I've ever gotten... MASHALLAH this looks nice!"

    - OmersTech

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  • "Got my keyboard from the custom builder; very easy process and was super happy with how it came out. Sounds great and they had pretty good customer service; Thanks!"

    - Quokka, Discord

  • "This overall sounds so much better than it did before, and sounds so much better than my other keyboards... Very trusted site and very good at what they do!"

    TikTok- sireli1234

  • "Review on the bumblebee; sound is great, and the weight is not super heavy but still stable. Volume knob is a plus as well, and it shipped pretty quickly all in all. Very nice!"

    - Kuto, Discord

  • "Oh my that is beautiful!... This is the BEST keyboard I've ever used and I love it so much."


    Content Creator

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  • Love the board. Sounds great and works well. Great build and solid quality!

    - Max T.

    Verified Customer

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