The Process

Learn about every step in creating you the ultimate machine.

  • 1: After ordering

    Upon purchasing a custom PC, we immediately will send out a personalized e-mail regarding to your purchase, alongside our personal phone number in order for you to have immediate access and updates on the steps your machine is going through. We begin prepping the build the day of ordering, and ask about any specifics that you might want included in your PC that we can add.


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  • 2: Building + Testing

    Our team of experts immediately gets on the job to get your PC built. Majority of the time, at least two builders will be pre-occupied with focusing on your PC. The entire time, we will update you on the build process, and afterwards we begin testing. Our testing process consists of thorough benchmarks and performance checks, where all results will be sent to you. These tests may last as long as 24hrs in order to ensure your PC is running smoothly.

  • 3: Shipping

    Once your custom masterpiece has been carefully crafted and tested, we package. We start by placing InstaPak expanding foam on the inside to protect your parts from any external forces. Then, we place the PC within the original box with foam inserts and additional soft pact bubble wrap in order to cushion against impact. Depending on the PC, we may also add yet another box around the original, and adding another layer of cushioning bubble wrap in order to ensure the shipping process goes smoothly.

  • 4: Warranty and Repair

    After receiving your PC, you will have a 30-day repair guarantee in case of any issues occurring. We keep all our connections open in order to ensure your PC is running smoothly and so we can address any questions. That's it; you're now part of the Penguin PCs family. You can always contact us via discord, e-mail, or with the personal phone number we provide. If you encounter any problems, we offer free of charge repair as well.

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